FRITSCH R-C-L test station up to component 0201

Measure and/or check the LCR properties of components. The following SMD components (2-pin) can be measured: resistors, capacitors, inductors.

The need to document the exact value of a component is omnipresent. Be it a 100% inspection for high-quality assembly tasks, such as B. in the medical field and in space travel, but also the tracing of a newly opened batch of components. A test station is ideal for precisely this application.

Setup of the test station

The teststation has two contact surfaces, which ensure stable measurement of component values up to 0201. The advantage of the specially developed contact surfaces is that different sizes can be measured with just one tester and slight tolerances in component dimensions can be compensated for. After picking up the component from the feeder and pre-centering, it is placed on the contact surfaces and fixed for measurement using "non-conductive" placement tools.
Depending on the setting in the software, the machine now automatically follows the defined test strategy.

Test strategies

Depending on the application, the installer can choose between different test strategies. The strategies differ in the frequency of the measurements and the reactions to the measurement results. The number of measured components can be set from complete measurement of all components to measurement of every nth component. If the software module "Setup control" is available, an adjustable number of measurements can be carried out after each setup process of a component. For the reaction to the measurement result, one can choose between the options "Discard" and "Logging". Thus the operator can choose whether a component that exceeds the permissible tolerance is discarded or placed anyway and only its value is to be recorded.


As with many available options that FRITSCH makes available to its customers, the R-C-L component teststation can also be retrofitted to existing machines.

Technical Data:

  • smallest component: 0201
  • flexible definition of the measuring position on 45mm contact surface length
  • measuring bridge: Hameg 8118
  • measurablee parameter: R, C, L
  • Ttest frequencies: 20Hz - 200kHz
  • measuring range R: 0,01mΩ - 100MΩ
  • measuring range C: 0,01pF - 100mF
  • measuring range F: 10nH - 100kH
  • basic accuracy: 0,05%