Software-update placeALL® version 2016

The sophisticated and customized software gurarantees an efficient manufacturing with modern pick & place machines in high speed.

A lot of new features and options facilitate the customer‘s daily assembling or dispensing, enlarge the performance and reduce the production costs.

And this is new in the software 2016:

  • The modification of the CAD data-converter provides more possibilities of processing the customers‘ data.
  • The Automatic fiducial recognition has been simplified.
  • A laser height sensor is implemented and enables a more precise and faster measurement of reference areas like for example heights of PCBs.
  • Important datas of machine operation are summarised in a SQL data base. This facilities a data exchange and the communication of any assembling and dispensing machines without problems.

Combined with the right hardware this software covers every kind of manufacturing - prototyping up to serial production. Wether as stand-alone or inline in a complete production line we focus on flexibility and adaptive solutions to all custumers tasks.

Please feel free to ask for more informations.