Show news SMT 2017

Further delvelopment of printALL, Upgrade dispenseALL, new development tapestripFEEDER

Lottery for our topseller!

During the SMT in Nuremberg we raffle on every show day (06/05/2018 to 06/07/2018) at 4.00 p. m. on our booth 151, hall 4 a printALL005.

The printALL005 is a manual stencil printer with a stable base frame for a high print quality. The solid construction offers an easy handling and a clean and reproducable print, even for fine structures of 0,5 mm. The printer is ideal for the production of prototypes and small series.

A parallel clearing ensures a clean separation of the PCB and stencil and guarantees a perfect print image.


And the winner is...

On every show day around 4 p.m. during the SMT in Nuremberg in hall 4, booth 151 the cards of the happy winners were drawn.

The luck to get the printALL005 in value of 1799,-€ had:

05. June – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen – Herr Bacher
06. June – ERGATEC GmbH, Hebertsfelden – Herr Penninger
07. June – Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH, Hermsdorf – Herr Langheinrich.


Classic anniversary edition

In 1978 founded Adalbert Fritsch his small company. In the first years the concentration was exclusive on the production of special machines.

The first FRITSCH Manipulator for the handling of SMD components was introduced in 1985.

Today it is an indispensable assistant by prototyping, too.

The various types of machines in combination with manual stencil printer printALL005 and batch reflow-oven give together an ideal line for prototyping.

Up to 31st of October 2018 our customers can order the show bundle with the model in orange.

  • LM901.111 „edition 40"
  • LED lighting
  • smartphone fixture
  • component trays: insert for 2 x 36 Containers


Musical full-automatic machine

Our creative heads inspired our new placeALL®515 to perform the good old "Happy Birthday". Watch and listen by yourself.

Arno Völkel - sales representative of FRITSCH GmbH - presents Mr Langheinrich the prize.

Helga Härtl was the lottery fairy and gave Arno Völkel the Card of a winner.