Manual Flipping stationstation

Easy, fast, flexible and cost-effective:

Flipping station and polarization test in one position for manual Pick & Place

Anybody who works with loose components by prototyping knows the problem. Not for nothing the term „bird food“ is in use: Particles are lying total accidentally in confusion, partly on the bottom. Or the components are in the right position but the user has to flip them because the sign of polarization is on the bottom side – important especially for LEDs.

The FRITSCH company from Utzenhofen/Oberpfalz developed a cost-effective solution to sort the crowd „bird food“ fast and easy. With a flexible combination of polarization test and manual component flipping FRITSCH spares the user time-consuming and exhausting operation - with tools like tweezers or vacuum to flip the components or to read at the bottom the sign of polarization.

The station is a mirror and an ESD-fleece. The operator picks a component with the nozzle at the manipulator head from the feeder. He brings LEDs to the polarization test over the mirror. With his eyes or the optional camera system he can read the polarization without set it down. Turned components put the user on the ESD-fleece of the station and flip it with the top of the nozzle in horizontal motion.

As well as the test the flipping or a combination from both last only a few seconds.

The Combi-Station for the component flipping and polarization test is compatible to all FRISCH Light-Manipulators LM900, LM901, SM902, SM902professional and MP904.