Problems while picking & placing THT components?

The user-friendly Laser-Pointer-Module for the semi-automatic SM902professional enables to facilitate the pick & place of THT components.

The semi-automatic SM902professional is etablished on market for many years by its high placement safety and Performance. Now it has the right solution for the pick & place of THT components. The user-friendly Laser-Pointer-Module enables the symplifying of the process. While driving to the placement position the thoughtful mechanical construction of the laser holder shows the next position which has to be assembled.

Immediately it becomes apparent on which position the component has to be placed and this eleminates wrong pick & place. The manual assembling of wired components is therefore semi-automated.

The semi-automatic SM902 is designed for the use in smaller batches and is consequently a good alternative to full-automatic systems. Especially in laboratory, prototypes as well as development the SM902 sytems are in use.

Here is a video about the application of the Laser-Pointer-Module: