News at productronica!

We introduce our placeALL515 and our classic range in new design.


Intelligence paired with modularity!

The FRITSCH company presents the new placeALL®515. The system based on the experiences of the successful placeALL®510. The most remarkable on the surface is the optically new design. The driving concept is furthermore a toothed belt with reliables motors and a high-resolution measurement. This creates a clear advantage of low costs and easy service. The assembling head is mounted on a H-portal which causes optimal dynamic properties. To guarantee exact positioning we payed attention to a massive and torsion-resistant build. The linear measurement systems with a resolution of 0,5µm enables the pick & place of 0201 components up to Fine Pitch with pitch 0,4 mm.

Due to the small floor space the minimal weight and the possibility of the divided frame the machine is ideal for small production rooms like cellars or upper floors.

There are up to 200 slots for automatic feeding of 8 mm tapes. Combined with the universal tapestripFEEDER we enable a low-cost starting of automatic pick & place. On all sides of the machine 33 x 8 mm tapes can be manually feeded. Therefore the user has more inner space for PCBs or trays.

At the PA515 dispensing and pick & place can be combined to optimize the production processes. The machine has one assembling head and up to 2 dispensing valves can be installed to handle different media. The customer has the option to use the sytem at stand-alone or to combine it inline with other machines.

FRITSCH sticks furthermore to its principle of modularity which allowes the retrofit of all upgrades on-site at a later time of investment.


Classic in new Design

The first FRITSCH Manipulator for the handling of SMD components was introduced in 1985. Now, more than 30 years later, it is an indispensable assistant by prototyping. A good reason to give him a chic outfit additional to technical extensions. Starting by december 2017 the next generation of the long-proven FRITSCH Manipulatoren is available. The presentation is at productronica. As most as possible the LM - SM - MP range is unified. The LM and SM machines have the same base platform which is an advantage for the LM caused to the enlargement of the PCB setting and the assembling area.

All assembling heads have now a unified feed of 26 mm in Z-axis. At SMprofessional the automatically motor-driven eye is higher located to make pick & place of higher components possible. The handrests are modified to enable easier picking of components in the back area.The various types of machines in combination with manual stencil printer printALL005 and batch reflow-oven give together an ideal line for prototyping.


Universal tapestripFEEDER

The tapestripFEEDER 908.095.051 for tape strips or whole rolls is in this way concepted that it can be mounted in addition to our smartFEEDER around the machines. Therefore the user can provide a high number of PCBs or trays in the inner space. Long or short rails include tapes in any desired widths. Depending on type of machine various racks are available with max. 3 feeders.

  • Rack "16" supports 2 FEEDERs (908.025.316)
  • Rack "22" supports 3 FEEDERs (908.025.322)
  • Rack "25" supports 3 FEEDERs (908.025.325)


Technical Data:

  • Tape quantity: max. 11 x 8 mm tapes
  • Tape thickness: max. 1,2 mm
  • Tape height: max. 4 mm