High demand for large printing areas

The new XL-Printer suitable for the full-automatic XL-machines!

The semi-automatic stencil printer SD903XL impresses with its large printing format of 1200 x 630 mm. The market of today cannot be imagined without it.

In particular the trend towards the large-scale assembly of SMD LEDs caters for an increasing demand for machines for assembling particularly long PCBs and thus also for stencil printers that have been designed to apply soldering paste on particularly long PCBs. All quick change frames for stencils or stencils glued into an aluminium frame that are available on the market can be used with the SD903XL.

The printer has vision support with which the finest of structures can be recognised.

Especially in the case of large stencils and PCBs, this makes the alignment easy. A micro-processor controller controls the lowering of the squeegee controls the motor-driven squeegee speed and thus ensures an optimal print result.

The printer can be set up without additional tools. This reduces the setup times to a minimum. An intuitive touch display makes the operation very easy.