New manual stencil printer - efficient and economic!

The FRITSCH company enlarged its product spectrum with the new manual stencil printer SD.903.005.

It stands for a solid construction with highest quality of printing. The optimized construction of the new model can be offered with an excellent price. The printer with its easy handling provides clean and reproducible prints even for fine structures of 0,5 mm. The print orientation is made fast and precise in X, Y, and theta axis, by turning knobs.

The parallel separation of PCB and stencil guarantees a clean and perfect print image.

Three different variants of the intake of stencils are offered. With a support rail, solid aluminium frames or common quick-change-frames can be fixed. With an universal frame the stencil sheets are simply clamped without tension (903.203). Our customers mostly prefer the stencil-tension-frame (903.204). Different sizes of stencils can be used. The tension is effected from two sides and there isn´t any perforation necessary. Double-side printing is also possible by using the magnetic fixture (903.103). 

This printer is ideal for the production of prototypes and small series.