Dispensing manipulator LMdispense901

For fast prototypes, special applications and smallest series

The dispensing manipulator LMdispense901 is a cost-effective dispensing system for laboratories and small batches. The integrated dispensing device offers maximum convenience when dispensing solder paste, glue, dam and fill materials as well as many other media. The dispensing manipulator LMdispense901 is the ergonomic alternative to manual dispensing pens. Numerous options make the device a flexible solution for laboratories and manufacturing.

Options such as an X / Y locking or camera enable efficient and ergonomic manual dispensing of series.


Advantages of the LMdispense 901

  • Dispensing of prototypes and complete series
  • Time-pressure dispenser valve for standard tasks
  • X-Y brakes for precise alignment
  • Camera option for increased placement accuracy
  • Proven FRITSCH manipulator principle

Video for dispensing manipulator LMdispense901

For fast prototypes, special applications and smallest series

Universal PCB holder

The universal PCB holder securely fixes one- and two-sided printed circuit boards by means of adjustable, springy receiving fingers. Large printed circuit boards can be supported if required.

We will gladly realize individual fixtures exactly according to your wishes and requirements.


A camera that can be directly adapted to the dispensing head enlarges the entire dispensing process on a single monitor. This allows even the finest points to be precisely positioned. The supplied software allows the camera images to be recorded at any time for the documentation of the process.



The unrivalled smooth running of the dosing head ensures a pleasant and fatigue-free working. All operating elements are ergonomically optimally placed and support the user in the best possible way. The included hand rest can be moved to any position.



Exact dispensing is ensured by the X/Y locking device. Individual motion axes can be disabled. An automatic function automatically locks the X and Y axes when setting a dispensing dot.



The Z-magnetic brake makes it possible to hold the head close to the PCB in the hovering position. This allows an exact adjustment of PCB and the dispensing nozzle.