Dispensing machine dispenseALL 420

The universal dispensing system for many applications

Whether in the development laboratory, in series production, in special applications or for the extension of existing production lines - the dispenseALL420 offers the solution for your dispensing challenge.


The dispenseALL420 automatic dispensing unit is in the tradition of the successful SMT placement systems from Fritsch SMT. As a flexible system with many options and short set-up times, it is suitable for dispensing and jet tasks in electronics and mechanics. The manufactured quantities range from prototypes over small up to medium lots.

The universal carrier unit allows the use of up to four different dispensing valves simultaneously. Each dispensing head has its own motor drive with integrated encoder for position control. This allows any height on the workpiece carrier approach.

Its modular design, shortest set-up times for various products and easy programming with a graphical user interface make the dispenseALL420 a highly economical investment. The dispensing machine offers a great deal of flexibility thanks to numerous standard options. In addition, the dispenseALL420 forms a universal platform on which customer-specific requirements can be easily implemented.

Advantages of the dispenseALL420

  • Modular design with shortest set-up times
  • Flexible configuration with numerous options
  • Use of up to four dispensing valves simultaneously
  • Parallel dispensing to increase speed
  • Servo axes for each dispensing head
  • over ten different dispensing valves for every application
  • Highest precision from 0,001 mm3 point volume
  • Dispensing and jetting of different media from liquid to highly viscous
  • Automatic measurement of dispensing nozzle
  • Non-contact height measurement of the workpiece carrier
  • SMEMA-compatible inline system
  • Programming by teach-in or CAD conversion

Video dispenseALL420

dispenseALL420 – dispensing heads

The dispenseALL420 automatic dispensing unit is equipped as standard with a carrier unit for up to two dispensing heads. Optionally, it can be equipped with a carrier unit for a maximum of four dispensing heads.


Standard dispenser head

Each dispensing head has its own final drive. The DC motor with encoder allows free positioning of the head at any height. With the aid of the motor axis, the dispensing valves can be positioned both quickly and extremely precisely. The particularly slim design of the dispensing valves makes it possible to use all four positions of the carrier unit at the same time.


Parallel dispensing

The dispensing machine software supports the use of all four dispensing heads simultaneously. The valves are arranged on the carrier unit in a row. This means that recurring dosages of up to four uses are possible in parallel. In series production, the dispensing capacity can be approximately quadrupled. Only the distances between the dispensing valves must be adjusted accordingly.


Rotation dispenser head

The rotation dispenser head applies media to walls or edges. It can be rotated 360 °. Together with the adjustable inclination of the cartridge, it also reaches hard to access places.

In combination with an optional work space increase, the rotary dispensing head is also suitable for larger workpieces.

dispenseALL 420 – Software

Programming as easy as with a drawing program

Structured, clear and optimized for the daily needs of production - this is how the user interface of the dispenseALL420 presents itself. Step by step, the user reaches his destination. Detailed help information is available for each function.

Dispensing programs can be created on the basis of CAD files or simply in the virtual editor. To make programming even easier, CAD drawings or scans of the workpiece carrier can be read in as background. The graphical interface makes programming as easy as in a drawing program.

Basic equipment of the software

Teach In

To create a dispensing program the user drives with the integrated head camera to the actual position. Standard elements like dots, lines, curves and circles are available. Time-consuming pattern like for example meandering shapes on surfaces are possible by prepared forms. The virtual display of the camera image enables the exact alignment of the dispensing on workpiece or PCB. Therefore times of programming and runs for testing are shortened.


Data transfer

If CAD data are available, dosing positions can also be taken directly from it. Both Gerber data and CAD data in ASCII format are suitable for import.

The software also supports the adoption of dispensing programs from other FRITSCH machines, such as the placeALL® range.

Integrated component library

The integrated library contains over 450 component models. This is one of the largest component library which is in this class available on market. All content items can be edited or new created.


Software modules

With a series of software modules, the dispenseALL420 dispensing machine fully demonstrates its efficiency.


Automatic fiducial recognition

To correct the position of workpiece carriers, reference marks such as crosses, circles or diamonds can be read in automatically. In addition, it is possible to use the corners of a workpiece for alignment. Depending on the application and workpiece carrier, one to three reference marks can be used.



  • Automatic position correction of PCBs and circuit boards.
  • Automatic interruption of production due to faulty insertion of the PCB or the workpiece carrier.

Badmark recognition

The recognition automatically searches for a bad position at a predetermined position on the circuit board or workpiece carrier. If it is present, it will not be dispensed.




  • Automatic recognition of damaged circuit boards
  • Individual printed circuit boards can be deselected as desired

Offline programming

The module allows the data conversion, the dosing data and the entire libraries to be processed separately from the machine in a separate workstation.




  • Reduction of set-up times
  • High utilization of the plant


A scan of the PCB bar code determines which dispensing program is called.




  • Fast recognition of program data
  • Definition of batches / varieties possible


All system messages are transmitted to a separate PC in the network and displayed there. The user is informed automatically at the end of production.




  • Reduction of downtime
  • Higher utilization of the plant


The optional PAHeadScan module scans data matrix codes on circuit boards and workpiece carriers via the integrated head-mounted camera. The scanned codes can be assigned to production programs. In an inline system, for example, the required program can be selected automatically.




  • Automatic recognition of production programs
  • Documentation in a traceability system

dispenseALL420 – useful details

The dispensing machine dispenseALL420 has been thoughtfully designed and optimized for cost-effective use. This is revealed by detailed solutions.


Flexible working area

Inside, the dispenseALL offers a tidy, freely accessible working area. Workpiece carriers, laying devices and similar structures can be easily integrated. As a base, the interior offers a standard steel plate. Holder with magnetic feet can be adapted without tools to the current product. Further fixtures such as vacuum plates can be integrated in factory or retrofitted on site.


Magnetic workpiece- and PCB-holder

For fast conversion to other applications, the dispenseALL420 comes as standard with a set of magnet holders that can be freely positioned on the base plate. It offers sufficient height so that even double-sided printed circuit boards or 3D workpieces can be dispensed.


Connection for suction

When applying varnishes or activators, some media produce fumes that can be explosive or harmful to health. Typical examples are media with solvents such as alcohol. For safe operation, the dispenseALL420 comes as standard with a connection for an extraction system.


dispenseALL 420 – options

Equipped for every task

The dispenseALL420 automatic dispensing machine adapts to a wide range of different tasks. The flexible design of the machine allows to integrate the supplements quickly and easily on site. Subsequent extensions also only lead to minimal downtime.