Dispensing and jetting

in prototypes, pilot series, small series

Great flexibility and highest precision – these are the special strengths of the dispensing systems of FRITSCH.

When your idea of a new product matures, when you are faced with the challenge of dispensing soldering pastes, varnish, adhesives, activators, dam and fill, lubricants or other media, whether liquid, viscous or pasty, on small and smallest components of electronics or mechanical applications , then we have the right solution for you.

Our dispensing systems come into play when the very first prototypes have been made by hand and you are perfecting the technology of your product. With the shortest changeover times, you can vary the type and quantity of media used on our Allround dispensing units.

The dispenseALL420 automatic dispensing machine is also the right machine on the way from pre-mass production to mass production. Use the flexibility of the dispensing system to optimize the start of production before switching to the large-scale system.

If small to medium batch sizes remain, then the dispenseALL420 automatic dispensing machine is also suitable for fully automatic series production. Take advantage of the high cost-effectiveness through shortest set-up times and user-friendly software to produce different products with the same system.

We have listed some important application areas here. If you have any ideas for further applications or media, please contact us at any time. Together with you we develop the right solution.