Dispensing and jetting in electronics and mechanics

Are you looking for ways to dose highly flexible and at the same time precise to the last droplet?

With the dispensing machine dispenseALL 420 and the manual dispensing system LMdispense, FRITSCH SMT offers two dispensing systems for many different requirements in the production of electronic and mechanical components. Both devices are extremely flexible. On the one hand, they are suitable for media of all viscosities from liquid to pasty. On the other hand, they impress with short changeover times for a wide variety of production processes.

As a machine builder with roots in the SMT placement of printed circuit boards, we placed the highest value on precision in the development of our SMT dosing systems. Dosing and jetting with high precision starting from a point volume of only 0.001 mm3 and a point diameter of 0.13 mm.

In the dispensing systems from FRITSCH SMT you will find the ideal solution for small and medium lot sizes from the production of prototypes to special applications and small batches to the completion of existing production lines.

Dispensing and jetting

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